Voice Training

Singing Lessons, Voice Lessons, Audition Coaching, Workshops, Estill Voice Training – Anywhere in the World!


  • increase your range
  • learn to sing higher
  • get rid of constriction
  • get more power to your voice
  • learn to belt in a healthy way
  • learn to manage your break area / passaggio
  • be able to deliver your emotional interpretation to your listeners
  • find your own voice
  • find tools to learn to do jazz improvisation (scat) like a pro
  • learn to use your voice in a healthy way
  • learn something else?

Welcome to online voice lessons from anywhere in the World with professional singer, voice teacher and Estill Master Trainer Antti Annola!

Why to choose Antti?

  • professional singer
  • musical theatre actor (legit and belting)
  • vocal coach for musical theatre productions (The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Katri Helena, Peter Pan Goes Wrong, etc)
  • pop/jazz voice studies
  • opera studies
  • degrees both in vocal performance and vocal pedagogy
  • one of Finland’s most experienced certified teachers of the Estill Voice Training Model
  • science-backed vocal training

My voice training has consisted of both pop/jazz and classical voice training from an early age. I have been privileged to study the voice with many brilliant voice pedagogues and singers.

I offer voice training to singers from beginners to professionals and anyone who does, or would like to use their voice in a way they want. My previous work includes offering voice training to many of Finland’s music institutions and state theaters.

The essence of my work as a voice teacher is the will to guide the student to become aware of how their instrument really works and how to control it the way they want – in a healthy and effective way. At the core of every unique voice shines the urge for freedom and sense of limitlessness. I feel that my job is to help the student to reach that freedom (be it whatever freedom means to the student) with any singing style or type of voicing.

My Degrees in music include Professional Musician (Oulu Conservatory), Bachelor of Arts (Voice Pedagogue Pop/Jazz) and certified teacher of the Estill Model: Estill Master Trainer.

I offer singing courses, vocal workshop and official Estill Voice Training workshops for groups by request. I also offer vocal coaching for professional musical theatre productions. Please contact me via the contact form.